Frequently Asked Questions

About LEVEL Loyalty Rewards
What is LEVEL Loyalty Rewards?
LEVEL Loyalty Rewards is a loyalty program for licensed cosmetologists that purchase any combination of: Redken, Matrix, Biolage, L’Oréal Professionnel, Kérastase, Shu Uemura Art of Hair, Pureology, Pulp Riot, and Mizani. Upon successful enrollment, members will receive points on purchases of the above brands that can be redeemed for education, backbar, salon accessories, professional tools, electronics and more. Members can access their membership 24/7 via our website, to review their LEVEL point progress, create a wish list and redeem points. Please click here to visit LEVEL Rewards Terms for additional program details.
What are the benefits of being a member?
You will receive points for all purchases of qualifying brands. The more you buy, the more you earn! You will also have early access to select new product launches, receive bonus samples in your loyalty orders, and exclusive promotions.
Eligibility and Enrollment
Who is eligible to join?
Salon owners and/or managers, booth renters, commissioned stylists, barbers, estheticians, nail tech/manicurist, cosmetology schools, cosmetology students, and regional chains located in the 50 United States and Washington, D.C. are eligible for LEVEL Loyalty Rewards.

If you are located outside of this region, please contact your local distributor to inquire about a local program.
I’m a cosmetology student and don’t have my license yet; am I eligible?
Yes, students are eligible for the program. Please note, a valid distributor account number is needed in order to complete LEVEL registration.
How much does it cost to join?
LEVEL Loyalty Rewards is a completely FREE program. You will start earning points as soon as you make a purchase at your distributor of a qualifying brand.
How do I enroll?
Click here to enroll online. Your distributor sales consultant or store associate can also help. The following information is required to successfully enroll in LEVEL Loyalty Rewards: salon name, your name, your email address, salon address, salon phone number, distributor name(s) and your distributor account number(s). Please make sure you have all this information ready before beginning the enrollment process.
How do I find my distributor account numbers?
Your sales consultant is the best resource for you to confirm this information, but you can also check any recent receipt, invoice, or call your local distributor store.
Can more than 1 location be combined to just have 1 account?
Yes, if you own more than one location, you may combine them into one reward membership. If you currently have multiple memberships that need to be merged into one account, please contact customer service at [email protected], or (886) 766-6875.
Points and Levels
What are the earning levels and how can I earn points?
We offer 6 levels within the program: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Cobalt, plus an invite only, Black level for our most elite salons. Please visit the brand’s website or contact your sales consultant and/or Member Services for more information about the Black level. Upon enrollment, you will start in the bronze level. Once you meet the next level’s purchase criteria, we will automatically upgrade you to the next level (with the exception of the Black level). Click here to view the program levels. You will earn points by purchasing eligible brands from participating distributors.
How soon do I begin earning points once I’ve enrolled in the program?
You will begin earning points once your membership is completed with all required information: email address, salon address, and distributor account(s). If all required information is entered at time of enrollment, you will be enrolled that same day and start earning points immediately. You will also receive points for the purchases you made 30 days prior to enrollment (expect to see these points posted up to one month after enrollment).
How much do I have to spend before I start earning points?
You will begin earning points on all purchases once you successfully enroll in the program.
How long do I stay in a level?
You will stay in your level for the remainder of the year. If your purchases move you to a higher level, you will be in that tier for the remainder of the current year and through December 31 of the following year - at which point your actual spend will be evaluated and you will be placed into the appropriate tier for the following year.

For example, you sign up in May 2023 and are automatically enrolled into Bronze. Once you buy $5,000 during 2023, you will be upgraded to Silver for the rest of 2023 and through 12/31/2024. If you have not spent $5,000 in 2024, you will be moved back down to Bronze starting Jan 1, 2025.
Once I buy enough, do you automatically move me to the next higher level?
Yes, we will automatically move you to the next level once the purchase requirement is met. See tier information here to understand the purchase thresholds.
Once I move to the next level, when do I start earning more points per dollar?
Once we move you to the next tier, you will earn that tier’s points right away.
How often are points issued?
Points will be posted to your account in one to two days for purchases made from SalonCentric, State Beauty Supply, and RDA Pro Mart distributors, Kérastase, and Shu Uemura Art of Hair. Points earned from purchases from other distributors will be posted approximately 30 days after the purchase date.
I buy from multiple distributors – can all distributors’ purchases be applied to get points?
The following distributors participate in LEVEL: SalonCentric, Kérastase, Shu Uemura Art of Hair, State Beauty Supply, RDA Pro Mart, A&A Beauty Supply, Masello Salon Services, East Coast Salon Services, Island Beauty, Aurora Beauty, Cosmoprof / Beauty Systems Group, and Armstrong McCall. Be sure to add all distributor account numbers to your member profile so we can capture all purchases and issue points accordingly. Click here to update your distributor info.
Am I able to view my points online?
Yes, click here to visit your member profile.
Can I view my level progress and how much more I need to spend to get to the next level?
Yes, click here to view your purchase and point history. We also recommend connecting with your Salon Business Partner to plan necessary spend levels
When do my points expire?
Points expire 12 months after they are issued, on the last day of each month. Example: If you made a purchase on May 15, 2023, those points would expire on May 31, 2024. Click here to view your points’ expiration schedule.
I am not seeing points that I know I am due reflected in my account. What do I do?
Please contact us via email at [email protected] or via phone at 1-866-766-6875. We recommend checking that each of your distributor numbers are listed on your account prior to contacting Member Services.
I returned some items that I no longer needed. How will that affect my status?
Points will be deducted from a member’s LEVEL account for all returned items. Any items returned to SalonCentric, Kérastase, Shu Uemura Art of Hair, State Beauty Supply, and RDA Pro Mart will be reflected in your account the next day. Items returned to our other distributors will be reflected 30 days from return.
Rewards Catalog and Redemption Process
What is in the LEVEL rewards catalog? Where can I find the catalog?
We have many reward options in the catalog to choose from such as education classes, backbar, samples, salon accessories, and professional tools. Please visit our site at to view the most recent offerings in our rewards catalog.
How can I redeem my points?
Visit our site at and click on the product or class that you are interested in, fill out the requested information (e.g. size, quantity, date of class, etc.) and just add to your cart. When redeeming your points for an educational event, if you do not have enough points to redeem for education in full, we offer various credit card payment options that are noted on the education product page.
Can I transfer points to another member?
Yes, click here to review the gifting process. Note: Members can only gift once every 60 days and gifted points will expire after 60 days – so be sure they are used promptly.
What happens to my gifted points if a class is cancelled or merchandise is out of stock?
The gifted points will remain with the member that you gave them to. They will have 60 days to use the points before they expire.
Redemption Orders
I use a Post Office Box to get my mail; can you send my redemption orders there?
Orders are shipped via UPS or FedEx. These carriers do not deliver to PO Boxes; please provide us a physical shipping address for redemption orders. Note: Large orders over 30 lbs will be shipped via freight.
When can I expect my order to arrive after I redeem my points?
Please allow 2-4 weeks for your orders to arrive. Items ship from various warehouses and may arrive in separate shipments at different times.
I received my redemption order and something was wrong, missing, or defective. How do I go about resolving this issue?
Please contact us via email at [email protected] or by calling Member Services at 1-866-766-6875.
What is your return/exchange policy for redemption orders?
Due to the nature of our product and specialty items, we do not offer any returns or exchanges at this time. Please contact us via email at [email protected] or by calling Member Services at 1-866-766-6875.
How do I list my salon on the brand’s Salon Locators? How do I update my info?
When you set up your membership account, there will be an option to select the salon address and information that you’d like shown in Salon Locator. Please note that selecting to be listed does not mean you will automatically be listed by the Brand.
I sold my salon. Can I keep the points, do they go away, or do they go to the new owner?
A change in a salon’s ownership does not automatically alter any LEVEL memberships or points acquired. You can keep the points or gift them over to the new owner, it is your choice. Keep in mind all points expire after 12 months. Please reach out to your sales consultant or Member Services at 1-866-766-6875 or email at [email protected] with any questions.
I closed my salon or no longer carry your products - can I cancel my membership? What happens to the points I have right now?
Yes, you may cancel your membership at any time. The points you have earned in the past are yours to redeem until the published expiration date(s). We recommend you place one final redemption order or gift your points to another member before cancelling your membership.
I want to start buying your products. Who is my distributor?
Please visit the brand websites for distributor information. If interested in carrying Kérastase or Shu Uemura Art of Hair products, please reach out to Kérastase/Shu Uemura Art of Hair Customer Care via 1-877-748-8357 (option #2).
For questions about your order, please contact us at 1.866.766.6875, Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:30 pm EST.
If you have other comments, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to share them by filling out the form below.